About Joel Magee

For the past twenty years, Joel Magee has been traveling around the nation, buying, selling, and collecting vintage toys. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience appraising collectables,  earning him the title of America’s Toy Scout. Over the years, Joel has become particularly fond of collecting barbies, Hot Wheels cars, Star Wars action figures, comic books, and Pez dispensers. He prides himself on being a creative and personable businessman, accepting features on local news stations around the country.

As a child in Sioux City, Iowa, Joel spent the harsh winters inside, playing with some of his favorite toys. These fond memories prompted him to begin collecting toys in the 1980s. The very first items he began collecting were vintage lunch boxes. Joel views toys as a representation of happiness and comfort. Many of the toy owners he encounters have deep connections with their toys and sometimes have difficulty parting with them. Joel often views himself as a counselor and mediator so that the owners can make the best decisions possible.


Toys & Tips

In addition to the Antique Toy Roadshow, Joel Magee also manages the FXToys! eBay store where he sells a number of items including: 1960s board games, original 1970s band posters, GI Joe collectables, vintage barbies, and toy model cars. Toys range from $10 to $400 and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Appraisals are determined based on the following criteria:

  • Does the toy fit into a collection
  • Does it possess a memorabilia aspect
  • Who manufactured the toy?

For those interested in toy collecting, Joel Magee has a few recommendations. First, he suggests that every new toy collector have a clear direction and goal for purchasing toys. The items should be purchased with a purpose. Selecting a single toy line is a great place to start. Second, he strongly advises new collectors set aside a designated storage space for their collections. This could be a particular room in the house or an external personal storage unit. This prevents the home from becoming cluttered and disorganized while protecting valuables. Finally, he recommends setting a strict toy collecting budget so that the hobby can remain fun, rewarding, and stress-free.